5ML perfume bottle

  • Multiple size lots available
  • Essential tool for decanting fragrance and distributing samples
  • Convenient small size for purse or travel
  • Empty Refillable Glass Vials with Black Plastic Caps
  • Grand Parfums Brand Best Small 1ml refillable glass perfume/cologne vials. These will be shipped with plastic caps, each of which has an attached applicator wand. The caps snap in and will give a tight fit, which will keep your fragrance from leaking. A transfer pipette/dropper is also provided for your ease of decanting. A lot of resealable ziplock bags is included, one per vial. Glass Vials measure 8 x 35mmm and hold approximately .
  • Perfect way to decant fragrance and distribute samples to customers and friend
  • sharing your fragrance made easy!
  • Multiple size lots available
  • Great way to Store and Carry your Perfumes with You while Travelling
  • Protects against degradation from UV light and keeps your oils or other light sensitive products safe
  • Glass bottles are durable and can be reused again and again
  • Teenitor Brand Products, Sold by Teenitor Exclusively.
  • Comes with 2 Glass Pipette


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