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plastics series

Plastics Series

Plastic made helps protect foods from damage, provides food safety and extends the freshness of foods.

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sustainable Series

Disposable packaging products made from compostable and degradable natural materials.


Paper series

Renewable and environmentally friendly paper/ pulp-based packaging product solutions.

Featured Solution

The only Styrofoam food containers manufacturer in China

The Chinese government has introduced stringent plastic restrictions in recent years, which means that 90% of EPS foam food container factories are closed. AM Packaging is one of the few food packaging suppliers in the Chinese market that meets the requirements for the manufacture of environmentally friendly EPS lunch boxes.

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Packaging Types

To Go Containers

Styrofoam Containers

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WHY AMP The Best food packaging suppliers

Increase shelf appeal and reinforce your brand value

Food packaging, whether drinks, desserts, or staple food items and even fast-food should entice the attention of consumers to be successful. As an entrepreneur, chef and brand manager you’re committed to displaying your most treasured items.

Packaging is an essential component of the care given to showcase the product. The emphasis on the unique characteristics of your products demands packaging materials and high quality printing to make the product pop and enrich your customers’ experience.

At AMP We understand the need for food packaging and require imaginative and innovative solutions. We’ve poured years of research to develop the best packaging solutions for food products. Food packaging should bring out a sense of excitement about what’s in it. To allow customers to showcase their product, we design unique and custom-designed bags and envelopes to be used both as primary and secondary food packaging.

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Your One-Stop supplier for food packaging

From design, manufacture and final delivery of your finished, packaged product, AM Packaging is your one-stop pal. We perform all of the jobs ourselves – in-house—taking full accountability of everything that happens at each stage of the process, and we ensure your packaging is completed with the highest standards.