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AM Packaging is the leading custom disposable cups manufacturer in China — AMP can help make any disposable plastic cups as well as biodegradable cups for your business. Get more qualified disposable to your food business today with Am Packaging Now!

disposable plastic cups

Disposable cups made of plastic are the most common disposable products for catering in the market. AMP provides PET, PS, EPS, PP materials.

kraft paper cup

Coffe Cup

Insulated ideal for any hot drink / soup / coffees/ teas.

clear disposable cups

Clear Glass

Roma tomatoes, fresh basil, Sicilian extra-virgin olive oil, pine nuts, and fresh mozzarella.

disposable cold drink cup


Created perfect for colourful smoothies, shakes, juices and blended ice coffee beverages.

PET Lids

Cup lid

Pet lids suitable for either hot or cold drinks, smoothies, frozen beverages, milkshakes etc.

biodegradable cups

Disposable cups made of plant fiber and complies with the sustainable environmental protection and degradable policy.

kraft paper cup


Insulated ideal for any hot drink / soup / coffees/ teas.

clear disposable cups

cornstarch cups

Roma tomatoes, fresh basil, Sicilian extra-virgin olive oil, pine nuts, and fresh mozzarella.

disposable cold drink cup

sugarcane cups

Disposable cups made of styrene free compostable sugar cane fiber.

PET Lids

Paper Cups

Pet lids suitable for either hot or cold drinks, smoothies, frozen beverages, milkshakes etc.

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Ultimate guide to disposable cups

This guide will assist you to locate high-quality Disposable Cups.

It includes everything you’ve been searching for like design, style, Disposable Cups, advantages of the product, costs, and maintenance processes, in addition to other crucial aspects.
Please read this article before purchasing sponges that are compressed.

What is a disposable cup?

Disposable cups are one of the tableware types and food packaging that can be used for food items. Disposable cups are made up of plastic cups, paper cups, and foam cups. Expanded polystyrene can be used to make foam cups and polypropylene is utilized to make plastic cups. and cardboard is used to make paper cups.

What are the cup disposable sizes?

Perhaps the most simple choice to make when selecting the right disposable cup will be the amount and variety of sizes you will need to serve your beverages. It can be determined by the kind of drink, expectations of the consumer’s spending and profit margins, etc. Below is a list of the most commonly used cup sizes that are available in the market for disposables as well as their usual applications.

4oz – 118ml – Espresso Shot

8oz – 227ml – Regular Coffee

12oz – 355ml – Medium Coffee – Regular Soft Drink

16oz – 473ml – Large Coffee – Medium Soft Drink

20oz – 591ml – Large Soft Drink

24oz – 710ml – Extra Large Soft Drink

32oz – 946ml – Supersize Soft Drink

Specific comparison of materials for disposable cups

Economical Plastic Cups

Plastic cups that are disposable can be produced using the thermoforming method. Thermoforming is among the manufacturing techniques that transforms plastic resin into a usable daily product. Thermoforming is regarded as one of the most cost- efficient methods of plastic manufacturing due to the low cost of moulding and speedy moulding cycles. The speed and efficiency of the process are the main advantages that thermoforming has to offer, and this is the reason that it has paved to this process to become so crucial in today’s industry.

The disposable plastic cup is quick replacing traditional cups. Ice cream and other dairy products are packaged inside plastic disposable cups.Disposable cups are used primarily to store food items, and are made out of polypropylene and polystyrene sheets. Sheets that have thicknesses of 0.35 millimeters to 18 millimeters are utilized for these products in thermoforming machines.

Apart from being utilized in the home, they can be useful at celebrations weddings, picnics, weddings and various other occasions and get-togethers. The biggest users of these cups is the makers of ice cream and have begun with plastic cup instead of the paper cups that were previously used.

The primary benefit of cup is the fact that they’re completely waterproof. The cups made of plastic are made of different sizes , and they can easily hold bulk materials as compared to traditional paper cups.

Additionally, they are employed at home, they are also used extensively in celebrations and other events. The usage of disposable products is increasing every day because of better hygiene conditions, lower cost as well as their easy use and stunning design. Plastic cups are mostly used to drink tea, juices and coffee, among other things. In light of the high need for these items one can predict that there is a lot of potential for entrepreneurs who are just starting out.


As the world is awakening to the need for sustainability, new products that can be used to make disposable cupware are coming onto the market. Below is a list the most commonly used terms used by companies. At the top is the most “green” choice, but it is a long way through the least green, yet still providing sustainable features.


The cup which is biodegradable is able to be broken down naturally by microorganisms like bacteria or fungi, and then absorbs back into the natural ecosystem. They are made of natural substances and are generally thought of as the most “eco environmentally friendly” and “green” cups.


They can be thrown into compost bins , and they will decay in the same way as paper, without release of harmful toxins into the soil. They’re not the same as biodegradable ones since they’re made of human-made substances.


Degradable cup cannot be naturaly broken down, but they can be reduced to non-harmful elements by chemical reaction. The process result in carbon dioxide, and biomass.


It is simply reusing materials that was previously trashed. The first product has completed its life-cycle and is then recycled before being transformed into another product. A lot of “standard coffee cups” are made of recycled material, however not all.


Recycling is a common practice, however most things can be recycled today, all it takes is the price and the process involved. The major coffee chains are instructed by their government with helping boost the amount of cups that are recycled.

Which is the best alternative?

Choices regarding the material used to create the cup will be a major factor in your customers’ perception of your company, as well as your environmental sustainability, and your overall profits.

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