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Are you looking for paper box for food solution provider? AM Packaging should be your best choice. As a Chinese leading paper food container supplier, we have the best custom paper food packaging manufacturing capacities to deliver diversified solutions on your to go food container challenges.

Paper Series

Paper packaging, commonly referred to as containers made of paper, are an effective and efficient method for people to move, transport and store various things. The use of paper-based packaging is growing every day since it is designed to be durable and light and can be customized to meet the needs of the product or customer-specific requirements.

Paper containers are constructed from renewable resources like papers and paperboards that offer unique environmental sustainability advantages. As with wood, the primary material can be obtained from sustainable forests. It is easily recyclable and, in the definition of biodegradable. Paper packaging is reusable in many ways like wrapping paper, fibre-board and paper bags. In contrast to paper bags, plastic bags are able to be reused into many plastic bags. In addition, better paper bags allow dry food items to be placed on shelves, which protects both the food as well as the shelves.

paper food box

Paper Food Container

Paper and paperboards are typically utilized for the packaging of dry food items. When coated or waxed their uses expand beyond the packing and distribution of moist and fatty meals. They are typically employed in corrugated containers and milk cartons, as well as cups and plates made of paper bags, sacks and bags, and wrapping papers. Cardboard food container are the consumers most popular choice for choosing the product based on its packaging. For two-thirds packaging made of cardboard and paper will make a product appear more attractive over different packaging material.

To go containers

To Go Food Container

To go cardboard lunch box keeps prepared foods fresh, hot, and safe from contaminants.

kraft paper cup

Paper Cup

Disposable cups help serve with coffee, juice and alcoholic beverages.

popcorn container

Popcorn Container

Disposable popcorn bucket in different sizes, great for leisure or watching movie.

ice cream cup

Ice Cream Bowl

Beautiful, fun cup that carry frozen foods or yoghurt.

cake cup

Cake Cup

Cups to hold your other decadent treats like cake pops, chocolate covered strawberries

cup sticker

Cup Stickers

Unique or custom stickers suitable for your beverage packaging needs.

cup sleeve

CUP sleeve

Paper wrap fit tightly over handle-less cups to insulate the drinker's hands from hot.

paper straws

paper straws

Biodegradable and sustainable paper straws for industrial and food service.