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styrofoam Features

Styrofoam foam boxes are a new green foam with a strength buffer and seismic capability. It’s flexible, light that can absorb and disperse external force of impact. Styrofoam is a variety of superior uses, including heat, moisture and noise insulation, anti-friction and anti-aging and corrosion resistance. The white substance has an anti-static property that is significant. It’s also a recyclable and eco-friendly material. Apart from packaging, it could also be used in construction, electrical or mechanical engineering.

Styrofoam containers are characterized by excellent impact resistance and cushioning properties. These advantages are why it is widely employed in high-end furniture appliances, household appliances, instruments, gifts glass, wood ceramics, waterproofing of buildings carpet, laminated travel bags, noise Precision components, every type of pipe insulation, and many other areas.

Styrofoam food containers

styrofoam Foam Container

In the food industry, styrofoam to go boxes, AKA, polystyrene food container or EPS foam container is generally in favor of EPS foodware since it's more affordable than other items and offers more insulation, which can help keep food fresher longer. EPS provides a variety of containers that keep temperatures constant for hot and cold food items.

Styrofoam to go container

To Go Container

Carryout Food Disposable Snack Containers offer an unmatched convenience in use.

styrofoam bowl

styrofoam bowl

An economical choice for commissary, food court and general food applications.

styrofoam plate

styrofoam Plate

For commissary, food court and general food applications.

styrofoam tray

styrofoam Tray

For commissary, food court and general food applications,

Styro Foam Cup

StyroFoam Cup

Foam cups are made of a durable single-piece design that keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cool. The durable material will keep your hands warm on the outside, so these cups do not require sleeves or double-cupping for your preferred drink. Space-saving Styrofoam can also hold carbonation better than alternatives made of paper. Rinse it and use the sturdy cups to serve your second and third cup of tea or coffee. The cups are disposable, so you'll be able to clean them up easily. The lightweight design allows for easy transport and simple stocking of your reception or beverage center space.