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Plastic To Go Containers

Your customers require reliable food containers that can withstand heat, prevent leakage, and preserve food hygiene, whether they are taking home leftovers from the restaurant or buying food in disposable packaging. You can increase your menu and display shelves by investing in take-out containers.

PET, PS, PP and EPS foam are the most common seen food packaging container that can be used for almost food items. The combination of these material properties in addition to its wide availability and low price make it a nearly unbeatable solution for consumable plastic food packaging option.

Plastic To Go Containers

Disposable food container made of plastic are the most common disposable take out container for catering in the market. AMP provides PET, PS, EPS, PP materials.


soup to go containers

Make it easy for your customers to take the flavors of your soup .

salad to go container

salad to go containers

Ideal for salad and snack bars where contents will be consumed while still hot.

sushi to go container

sushi to go containers

Ideal option to pack your sushi, is presented in a plastic sushi box.

to go cocktail container

to go cocktail containers

To-go cocktail containers is one of the best way to package and deliver mixed drinks.

yogurt cup

Parfait / Yogurt Cups

Create vibrant, eye-catching displays with crystal clear plastic parfait / yogurt cups.

souffle cups

Souffle / Portion Cups

Enable you to store and offer individual servings of condiments, sauces, or samples.

Pie Containers

Pie Containers

Showcase your intricately-designed crusts and colorful fruit fillings with disposable pie containers.

cake Containers

Cake Containers

Protect the detailed icing decorations on your bakery’s items by using cake containers!

aluminum to go containers

aluminum to go containers

Can withstand retort pasteurization and sterilization processes and resist acid and salty food corrosion.

black to go food container

black to go containers

Often used to package ready meals, as well as trays for meat, fruit and vegetables, makes food good looking.

Biodegradable To Go Containers

Biodegradable takeout boxes are made from renewable materials like corn, sugarcane bagasse and bamboo. With the help of water, air and microorganisms, these materials can be completely decomposed in composting facilities.

These biodegradable takeout containers can be made from plants that are regrown each year. They are therefore sustainable and can be made again and again. Many of these crops are produced from agricultural by-products, such as sugarcane sugarcane production. This waste can be recycled by using sugarcane fiber to make food containers.

biodegradable Food Containers

Disposable cups made of plant fiber and complies with the sustainable environmental protection and degradable policy.

Chinese Take-Out Boxes

Chinese Take Out Containers

Package up your orders of fried rice, lo mein, and pepper steak in style with Chinese take-out boxes.

Paper Soup Cups and Bowls

cornstarch cups

Make it easy for your customers to take the flavors of your soup bar home .

Take-Out Cookie Bags

Take-Out Cookie Bags

Cookie bags are a great way for packaging your to-go gourmet cookies, pretzels, donuts, or even coffee beans.

popcorn container

popcorn bowl

Popcorn bowl is the perfect addition to your next movie night.

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Take-Out Container Materials Comparisions

Comparisions of Take-Out Container Materials

There are many options for take-out containers. There are many options for take-out containers, from plastic and foam to eco-friendly options such as paper or bagasse.


For leftovers and carryout orders, hinged foam containers are an excellent choice. These containers are light and durable enough to hold food for your customers.


  • Hot foods kept hot, cold foods kept cold
  • Material that is light in weight
  • Stackable design
  • Interlocking tabs and hinged lids
  • To prevent leaks, laminated varieties are available
  • For easy lid removal, there are many options for perforated lids


  • Less environmentally-friendly than other options
  • Non-microwavable
  • Take out container made of round foil


Foil containers are a favorite choice for pizza shops and Italian restaurants. This versatile container allows customers to take the best of your restaurant to home, and can be used to heat leftovers in the oven.


  • It can be used to bake or serve food
  • Can handle heavy meals
  • Ideal for both hot and cold foods
  • Repels oil and grease


  • Less environmentally-friendly than other options
  • Non-microwavable


Take-out paper boxes are an eco-friendly and affordable way to pack up leftovers or to-go orders. They are popular for Chinese take-out boxes and come in many colors.


  • The collapsible design requires less storage space than other options.
  • Conserve heat
  • Grease-resistant
  • Environmentally-friendly alternative to foam or plastic
  • Available in both microwave-safe and heat-tolerant options
  • There are many options for post-consumer recycling


  • Compartments are not available in the same way as other products
  • Use with heavy foods may cause bends or fold
  • Uncoated products can absorb grease and other food remnants


Plastic is a great material choice for take-out containers. It has a sturdy design and can be used in many different ways. These containers are durable and will ensure that your delivery order arrives at the customer’s doorstep without leaking or losing heat.


  • Crack-, cut-, and leak-resistant
  • Non-absorbent
  • Available in both freezer and microwave safe versions
  • Strong material
  • Recyclable options are great for environmentally-friendly businesses


  • It is less environmentally friendly than the other options
  • Products that are more expensive than those of the same type are also more expensive
  • Bagasse take-out container with hinged lid

Sugarcane / Bagasse

Bagasse is a by-product of sugarcane’s juice extraction process. This fibrous, pulpy material is used to create durable containers that appeal to environmentally-conscious customers.


  • Great for environmentally-friendly businesses
  • Food is securely held in place by hinged lid
  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Freezer-safe and microwavable
  • Conserve heat


  • To be composted in a commercial facility
  • Products that are more expensive than those of the same type are also more expensive
  • Uncoated products can absorb grease and other foods
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